Join Ash and Ian for a discussion of some of the many Things from the tech industry in which they have taken an interest.

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Episode Eleven – Testers vs Toxic Culture and Personal Knowledge Management

Ian and Ash talk about those pesky testers forming communities and taking on toxic cultures, plus forming a dilapidated mind shack using personal knowledge management ...

Episode Ten – Metrics and Scrum Bashing

Ian and Ash talk about the (mis)use of metrics, including the big four and happiness indices plus how proud Ash was of his Certified Scrum Master qualification but now...

Episode Nine – The Great Post Office Scandal and Moxie Marlinspike's Web3 Article

Ian and Ash talk about the high price of software without ethics in The Great Post Office Scandal and dive into Moxie Marlinspike's first impressions of web3 (lowercas...

Episode Eight – The Metaverse and You Build It You Run It

Ian and Ash talk about Mark Zuckerberg’s pivot towards the Metaverse and discuss what the industry catch-phrase “You build it, you run it” means in real life.

Episode Seven – Other Development Team Roles and Apple's Child Safety Measures

Ash and Ian give some love to those other development team roles - the ones that save you from wasting loads of time on hippos - and then they try to decide how much o...

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